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Mohammad Ali Bin Aziz

  • Experience and Certification:

    Trainer Name - Ali

    Expertise :

    - Weight Management/Loss 

    - Strength & Conditioning - Muscle Gain

    - Fitness Competition Preparation

    - Mobility/Agility/Stability

    Qualification :

    - National Council On Strength & Fitness (NCSF)

    Brief Description About Ali : Being in the fitness industry as a personal trainer for years and to adequate pple from all walks of life is challenging. Everyone is blessed with different genetics, metabolism and so on. But one thing in common is that we all want to look good!! Im an athlete myself and i've achieved to won the international and national category for bodybuilding with NABBA sg. I've work with athletes to get to the finish line and also sedentary pple with common issues of losing weight. Lets change your lifestyle and let me adequate you with the right knowledge for your tools in achieving your goal

  • Mohammad Ali Bin Aziz has specialization in Train clients in iGym